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Our company provides services and products of the highest quality within the best price. Our staff is trained to use appropriate methods for each job, thus providing: security and reliability.

Our path is the best guarantee we can offer, and the loyalty of our customers is our best presentation.

We invite you to learn more about our services and products on our website. Please contact us to offer personalized attention. We are happy to provide the assistance.


We are contractors, established and certified by the Miami-Dade County, in the painting business since our opening in 2006. We are able to provide the care you need for safe and professional manner, with the necessary resources to provide quality service, guaranteeing our work after completion with the manufacturers warranty certification of the company of paint used. Successfully making major residential and commercial projects such as hotels, office buildings, apartment complexes and residential buildings, etc.


Why choose us


Currently the commercial paint market is widely polarized by multiple companies from the smallest to the largest. What defines EVERGLADES PAINTING CONTRACTORS that one company is never the same as another and our trajectory with more than 20 years in the market, always exploring new techniques and products, helps us to provide better customer service.
Painting is a work of time and perfection, each project is unique so we dedicate great interest and personalized attention to guarantee the best service and completion in each structure. We have personalized estimates / Guarantee from painting companies / The professionalism of our workers.
That is why this slogan defines us Play it safe!


In Everglades Painting Contractors offertimely services that conform to fit your needs. In addition to a wide variety ofhigh quality products for your choice, making sure to provide a wide range of possibilities. With us you find the best compromise between efficiency, quality and price available in the market. Our staff is trained and available to offer advice on theservices and products you need.

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